Students’ results

  • Neck, spine, and hip joints strengthening and realignment, especially from prior injuries.
  • Increase mental focus and achieve emotional tranquility.
  • Increase root (stability and balance) and agility, and recovery from knee and ankle pain.
  • Increase blood flow and energy (qi) circulation.
2 months of silk reeling.

When I’m doing the silk reeling, all my martial feelings and experiences come back to me. Somehow I feel a little bit like my old self by doing this simple silk reeling exercise. I don’t really quite understand why. Some reason when doing it, I’m reattaching to myself as a martial artist. And my past martial art training has been based on fighting, which is very different from this silk reeling exercise.

When I went to Mike, he started dropping me lower and lower stances, while I was doing Yoga classes, and my back was killing me and my right knee that has multiple surgery was killing me. I stopped the Yoga, came to Grandmaster Chen XiaoXing’s seminar at Fort Lauderdale, met Cal, and learned from them both. And both the grandmaster and Cal told me not to do the form anymore and just do silk reeling. They put me on a higher stance, not as low anymore. My structure is such that I’m not stressing my joints as much, but I am feeling a connection, trying very hard to focus on dantian and center, and try to see the external circles as manifested by my internal intent. Connect external and internal, and sometimes I can feel this connection. I am enjoying silk reeling thoroughly, and it has become critically important for me to continue. It’s going to be great for me.

All my life I have done full contact fighting, bounced in bars, and paid the price in physical injuries I now carry. For years in Florida I did nothing — when I had a death in my family a few years ago and I didn’t do anything for a long time and it was hurting my heart and soul. I am a martial artist and I wasn’t banging hard anymore, because I can’t jeopardize my neck and back anymore. In the beginning, I was just practicing Laojia Yilu (Old Frame first routine). I was doing it but I wasn’t feeling the connection to it. For whatever reason, I have no idea, I do the silk reeling I feel the connection.

My neck is fused. The doctors went in from front to back, put a plate on my C2 to C7. On my back, C2 to T1 have lugs. Every seven levels of vertebrae was herniated. Discs 2, 3, and 4 have stenosis. My spinal cord was being choked. Multiple doctors said I would only get worse. They said if I get hit again in the back, I would become quadriplegic. I was always nervous someone would hit me from behind while I’m in a car. About 6 months after my wife passed, I was getting a lot of pain and dropping things, so this July would be 2 years since I had surgery. My shoulders were operated 6 years ago, still gives me pain. Knee bone on bone, aggravating the herniation on lower back. I’m 62 y/o and I refuse to give up. I thank you and Mike and the Grandmaster Chen XiaoXing.

I go out to my backyard that has hedges and everything, I do my silk reeling out there most times. I just feel I’m being connected to my old martial arts training again. I use silk reeling as part of my meditation. Sometimes, even when I try to stay clear-minded, I just see my old martial moves manifesting in my mind. It’s almost like this silk reeling thing is letting me re-feel on my martial training, in my heart, mind, and soul. My back has been pretty good, but I’m attributing that to not doing it low stance, and not doing Yoga which was aggravating it. My neck, back, knee all feels pretty good. They’re not back 100% like I can go jump. I feel like you guys gave me back the ability to be a martial artist again.

This is what I try to do on my own, based on what Cal taught me.

  • When Cal first corrected me, he noted my lower back was very tense. Now I keep it hanging like a pendulum.
  • Cal noted high tension in my shoulders and traps. So now I keep my shoulders relaxed within their joints and keep neck and traps relaxed.
  • Cal had pushed on my standing post and silk reeling arms and noted how stiff they were; and I pushed back on his which was relaxed like a feather, so I try to do the same on my own.
  • I feel tingling in my hands when they are lower on my core during silk reeling, at the dantian position and the arm falling position.
  • In silk reeling, as my hand comes from lower position and palm turns out before moving across, I’m trying to feel the upper spine is elongating to the sky, at the same time my feet are sinking into the earth. When I do the double hands at that certain point, I want to feel sinking and rising at the same time.
Perry F. on Feb 2, 2016
For those searching for legitimate, high-quality taijiquan instruction this is the best class you will find in Colorado. The true Chen-style is taught here as it has been passed down through the lineage of the world’s greatest taijiquan masters over the ages. Lin Lao Shi is an extremely dedicated, top-notch instructor who is serious about seeing students progress. The training encompasses the full spectrum of this art so students will see improvements in several areas including their martial skills, overall health, psychological state, and internal energy to name a few (in fact, these are all interrelated). The instructor tailors the class to each individual’s current level. The class not only offers direct access to the highest quality taijiquan system available, but to the world’s greatest taijiquan grandmasters as well through occasional special events. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to make serious progress.
Brooks on Jan 31, 2016
A rare chance to learn one of the greatest lessons in life.

I joined Denver Chen Taiji about 4 months ago. This was my chance to learn something that could change my life. I have done several years of yoga in the past and currently practice. I do Ashtanga and Rocket styles of yoga that are set practices that focus mainly on upper body and core exercises. Coming to practice Taiji was a chance to add to my own experiences with yoga and hopefully make me more well rounded to handle the years to come as I prepare to handle older age.

In my short experience with Denver Chen Taiji, I cannot believe how much more well rounded I have become in my overall practice and health pursuits. Taiji offers the perfect balance for the body with yoga. Both practices stress good breathing along with conditioning of the body inside and out. Taiji does this slightly differently by focusing more on strengthen the legs, breathing into the hips, spinal alignment, and balance while moving. These are all the elements that were mostly missing in my type yoga practice. The series of Taiji postures allow me to enter that same state of mind that is similar to yoga. To me yoga has become my static mindful practice while Taiji is my dynamic mindful practice. The perfect combination!

Denver Chen Taiji teaches authentic Chen style Taiji. This is the Taiji style that started it all for the other styles that made this practice so known and studied. The instruction here is the same instruction that has been presented for hundred of years. The hands on adjustments in posture corrections are incredible! These adjustments make the body feel good by keeping it stable and relaxed. The instruction allows me to know that I’m doing the practice correctly and can carry on this art form myself years later in life.

Learning this great lesson in life an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Greg on Jan 23, 2016
One of the best group and martial arts that I’ve luckily stumble upon after a year or two of jumping from different types of martial arts. All the other martial art classes and instructors was missing the emphasize on being grounded and knowing how to use your own weight to defeat an opponent bigger than you. Cal focuses on these key elements and is the reason why I continue to practice TaiJiQuan. Besides the physical aspect and all the pain it brings, I didn’t anticipate all the mental changes that I’d go through by practicing TaiJiQuan. I’ve learned how to relax by letting things go and not overthinking too much. This has helped me recognize when I’m stressed out and how I can relax mentally. Most importantly, I love TaiJiQuan because its emphasis on balance and change, two core values I try to live by. Also, life is even more interesting now with TaiJiQuan because I anticipate an endless but never dull journey here and into the future!
Nina on May 3, 2015
Denver Chen Village Taji class is amazing! Cal has the ability to teach to all levels of students and provides practical and meaningful instruction. Whether you are looking for a Taji martial focus or health emphasis, Cal tailors his teaching to your needs. He does not hold back his knowledge and is willing to teach you the complete Taji system, a rarity in the Taiji lineage. This class is well worth the visit. I hope to see you there!
Bradley on Mar 1, 2015.
I have learned there is more willpower and energy within myself than I ever thought I could possibly have. The classes are unbelievably challenging, but there is so much support and encouragement that Cal freely gives to every student that it makes it not just bearable, but empowering and fun. Having an amazing teacher who isn’t afraid to teach the tough stuff is helping me find inner power that is making me stronger in my body and my mind. As it turns out, they both need a good workout. 😉 One other thing to say about the classes… ALL the students are so encouraging to one another, and Cal makes a huge effort to keep things open, kind, and positive, as a group and for the group. There are NO secrets here. Just lots of hard work and rewards beyond measure. Thank you, Cal!
Danielle on Jun 14, 2014
I know this is really the real thing. It certainly has cured the sciatica that I suffered with for over a year. The doctors could not cure or give me relief. After my first lesson it was gone, honestly. If I had not have had this type of experience myself I would never have believed it. This is truly the real deal. Thanks Cai. I tried hard style and it just got worse. As a matter of fact no one could do for me what Mr. Lin’s training did. I look forward to meeting the Grandmaster in Nov. This is truly remarkable. I encourage everyone to check this out for themselves. You wont be disappointed. This is the real deal from the original Chen village. I also see that Mr. Cal is a top level instructor who teaches the only authentic, not watered down, Chen style TAI CHI in the Denver area. Awesome.
Gene on Oct 27, 2014
I have taken two classes so far and will definitely be practicing regularly. Cal is a very thorough teacher who stresses the importance of the base stances and alignments before moving too far ahead into forms. The teaching style is very well-rounded, and he explains the purpose of each movement and nuance, which I find extremely helpful.
Cristal on Jan 16, 2014
The Denver Chen Village TaiJiQuan group offers an invaluable opportunity to receive instruction from masters and disciples of the very source of TaiJi. If you want to study authentic TaiJi what more could you ask for?
Brad on Apr 9, 2015
If you are interesting in learning authentic, purposeful Tai Chi then Cal Lin and Chen Village TaiJiQuan is the place to start. I have been looking for Cal and this particular form of Tai Chi for a very long time. A genuine work out of mind and body, Cal is an excellent instructor. His love of teaching others comes across. His passion and enthusiasm for the art form is contagious. I have been taking classes with Cal for several months and can’t wait for my class. When they are over, I am always wanting for more, as does Cal. If you wish to test yourself, learn from the best instructor in Colorado and genuinely gain an understanding of what Tai Chi can be about, I would strongly recommend taking a class.
Daniel on Dec 11, 2014
I practiced karate seriously for over 20 years before starting tai chi. I love karate, but I want something that I can practice as seriously for the next 20 years. I quickly learned that taijiquan is not just exercise for old people. Its fundamentals and applications challenge the martial artist in me in new ways. Before my first class with Cal, I watched the videos from his website. I didn’t think much of the standing post, until the first time I did it for 5 minutes (with corrections). This practice is fixing my tight lower back and hips (I sit most of the day at a computer) and I have not needed the chiropractor lately. And the burn! I always know that I’ve worked during class. Learning the basics of any system can get boring, even in dynamic karate classes. Taijiquan is much slower, and I’ve noticed my attention going inward. I often feel that I’ve been outside of time and am surprised when class is over. That said, I am looking forward eagerly to applications training!
Kathy on Sep 9, 2014
Cal is an excellent teacher, clearly conveying his knowledge and experience with attentive detail, balancing standing post, the 19 posture form, repeating segments, silk reeling, applications, with spine, hip, and other adjustments. He encourages students through the discomforts while learning and understanding the benefits and applications of the art. Xie Xie Lao Shi!
Tim on May 10, 2014
Very informative. Will continue participating since instructor is very patient and obviously knowledgeable.
Wendy on Apr 9, 2014
Chen Village TaiJiQuan is the real deal, without a doubt!
Jim on Oct 18, 2014
So I started with Cal about Mid Dec 2013, and wanted to say I’ve seen a lot of improvement in a short 3 months. Prior to Learning “true” tai chi. I had numerous injuries from sports and other martial arts disciplines I participated in my youth. I was hoping this Chen style tai chi would help rehabilitate my body to a better stage. Here’s what I hoped Chen tai chi would Help: Meralgia Paresthetica , essentially tight hip flexors, quads & thighs which cause continuous pain & tingling in the thigh muscle, Weak knee joints prevented me from moving up, down and kneeling properly, and lower back pain that suddenly locked up my lower back so I couldn’t stand up straight. Here’s what’s happened since starting and some unforeseen side effects,
In the first couple classes, Cal taught us how to stand properly, You wouldn’t believe it, in a class of 5 people, we began experiencing leg fatigue after 3 minutes, and none of us made it to the 10 minute mark without taking a break. What an eye opener for all of us. And that was just the beginning of the one hour workout.

As I progressed into month two to today, I noticed the following, My right knee which easily gave out when I tried to take a high step, began to strengthen and became more stable over the months. A curious side effect. Over the last 10 years or so, I always developed a callous on the left ball of my foot, which I had to regularly shave off the callous so it wouldn’t be painful to walk on. I haven’t had that callous grow thicker and require me to shave it off. It hasn’t disappeared, but it hasn’t grown either. I think I might remove it and see what happens.

My balance and weight distribution is much better. My right knee is much stronger. I can easily take high ascending steps without pain, My ankle mobility is greater. My Meralgia Paresthetica (tingling nerve and pain is gone) from my right quad, I had to think about it before I realized, I didn’t have the symptoms anymore. I chuckle now when I asked the doctor what I could do to get rid of the discomfort, and he said maybe stretching exercises would help or I would have to live with it. I tried a series of exercises the Doctor prescribed and it didn’t help.

I also have forward head syndrome from a very bad accident in my teen years. So my head tends to tilt or lean forward more than it should and over the years, I developed a slight right tilt off the center axis of my neck and spine area. Cal pointed that out and now in the process of correcting my overall posture.

Another unforeseen side effect, The last time I went to my Chiropractor, after twisting, turning and “manipulating my body. I didn’t have a lot of pops, in joints, nor did it sound like I had crackling in my lower spine and neck.

Over all, I’m very pleased with my progress, The 3 months felt like a long time, and I didn’t think I was doing enough for Chen Tai Chi to have any healthful effects, however, I’m learning it’s small foundational moves, stances, breathing and exercises over a period of time, which have a positive cumulative results on my physical well being.

If you do tai chi the correct way, it is much more challenging than you can possibly imagine. I truly appreciate how Cal takes the time to actually help his students adjust their stance, movements, and breath to bring about a positive result.

I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months will bring to my health.

Bill on Mar 22, 2014
The real deal. if you want to understand why Taijiquan is a Martial art, if you want to do more than dance around in “expensive” pajamas purchased on-tour, you have found the right teacher. I practiced with his teacher, his teacher’s teacher and his teacher’s teacher’s teacher. we are lucky to have him in denver (i don’t know the competition, but i’ll bet my own money). very patient with beginners and very motivating beyond. I studied in nyc, singapore and nanjing before encountering this clan and i’m fortunate to have so-encountered. can’t think of anything else to write to further embarass him. don’t just sit in front of your computer – get to class!
mi-ke on Jan 16, 2014
Applying the tai ji from Cal’s teaching, I healed up my ankles and knees from some minor repetitive stress injuries. At the time, I was some some moderate-impact dancing for 20-25 hours a week. My form was bad, and so first the ankles, and then the knees started to have sharp pains while moving through certain ranges of motion. By breaking down the movements that hurt, I tried to find ways of standing and moving around that felt more like how the weight of my body felt while I was doing tai ji. Through few days of toying about with it like that, taking it a bit easy, I was able to find the proper posture – this let the joints heal and helped me avoid further injury. No pricey private lessons or anything – just do-it-yourself mode, by applying Cal’s explanations about tai ji. Still, I figured it might be months before the pain was all gone, but it just took a couple of weeks. Taking it further, I applied the same to my hip joints and fixed what would’ve ended up being the same problem. ”
Devlin on May 3, 2014
For those of us who need things repeated until we get it, Cal is very patient. He demonstrates knowledge and the experience of having been there. He is someone who continues to learn himself. The style of training is challenging, but it’s cool. Rest when you have to, you want to stay in that zone of pushing yourself the right amount. This is fundamental stuff, without a set schedule on how many forms we have to cover each week. I find that the more I study internal energy the less interest I have in the ‘external arts’. And I LOVE kickboxing! Getting in the gym and pounding the bag! That’s exciting! But this stuff is so raw with the basics of living, I may just have to put my boxing gloves in storage.
Daniel on Dec 30, 2013
My first time out with Cal. I am VERY IMPRESSED. I have seen Northern Shaolin & Practiced Yang Lao Jia Tai Chi Chuan 30 years ago from teacher in Salt Lake City. In my line of work I have to understand Physical Therapy & movement in general. Cal can Move. He is also very patient & just by tweeking some of my movements I realize now what I’ve done wrong over the last 30 years. What an incredible teacher. Because it’s all about the Basics & the little things. Then everything will fall into place. Looking forward to learning as much as possible in the future.
Doug on Dec 30, 2013