Private Lessons, 2016

Private lessons are available on request for all age groups.

Assistant Instructors, Training On the Rocks

(Assistant Instructors wield 2.5 pound, sharpen-able folded steel swords made by Chen Village’s smith with superior balance, or Cold Steel’s 2.0 pound razor-sharp sword.)

Kenn Caryl Valley, Pushing Hands

(Pushing hands exercises develop sensitivity and application of force exertion and diversion. Proper foundation work is essential to manifest root and flow here. These drills are prelude to freestyle sparring.)

Kenn Caryl Valley, Straight Sword Class

(We do not train with “whippy wushu” swords. All students are encouraged to bring a weighted weapon of at least 2 pounds, whether dull or sharp.)

Kenn Caryl Valley, Old Frame First Routine

(Every posture in Old Frame is extremely difficult to hold properly. Not even elite athletes or external martial artists from any discipline can maintain corrected posture for more than 3 minutes.)

Highlands Ranch, Straight Sword Class

(Combat-weight weapons compel a student to use his core dantian turning as well as letting the weight root through him. Sharp weapons are optional, but they greatly elevate awareness and focus.)

Video Stills

Chen ZiQiang 陳自强 Workshop 2014

Chen XiaoXing 陳小星 Workshop 2015.