September 4, 2016: All classes are cancelled until further notice.


Denver Downtown

1030 St Francis Way, Denver, CO 80204

Auraria Campus, Confucius Institute, Clear Creek Hall

Highlands Ranch

9641 Dunning Cir, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

University Blvd and Highlands Ranch Pkwy

*Please check MeetUp Calendar for canceled classes, such as major holidays when campus will be closed.

Stay tuned for Master Chen XiaoXing 2016 Denver Workshop


First intro class is free

$25 drop-in per class

$160 for unlimited monthly

$220 for unlimited monthly + unlimited Saturday*

* The unlimited monthly rate covers the foundation/push-hands and routines class on Saturday, but not the bonus class (weapons, applications). The unlimited monthly + unlimited Saturday rate now covers all classes for the month including the Saturday bonus classes.

  • Children are welcome. Requirement is they must be able to stand upright. (Kids’ curriculum is modified to be more athletic.)
  • If you are serious about advancement but cannot make the group class, contact us for private focused training.

Basic Etiquette

  • When class begins, students say, “Lao Shi Hao!” [老師好 greetings teacher];
  • Instructor replies, “大家好” (greetings everyone).
  • When class is over, instructor says, “下課了” [class ends];
  • Students reply “Xie Xie Lao Shi” [謝謝老師 thank you teacher]