Chen Village Taijiquan, Denver Branch

  • Part of the Chinese internal gongfu family.
  • A combination of physical and mental exercise. Benefits must be earned through willpower and dedication.
  • A rare form of art that will make you stronger the older you become.
  • Health and martial skills increase concurrently, inseparable.
  • A balance between supple and explosive movements.


One of the best group and martial arts that I’ve luckily stumble upon after a year or two of jumping from different types of martial arts. All the other martial art classes and instructors was missing the emphasize on being grounded and knowing how to use your own weight to defeat an opponent bigger than you. Cal focuses on these key elements and is the reason why I continue to practice TaiJiQuan. Besides the physical aspect and all the pain it brings, I didn’t anticipate all the mental changes that I’d go through by practicing TaiJiQuan. I’ve learned how to relax by letting things go and not overthinking too much. This has helped me recognize when I’m stressed out and how I can relax mentally. Most importantly, I love TaiJiQuan because its emphasis on balance and change, two core values I try to live by. Also, life is even more interesting now with TaiJiQuan because I anticipate an endless but never dull journey here and into the future!
Nina on May 3, 2015
The Denver Chen Village TaiJiQuan group offers an invaluable opportunity to receive instruction from masters and disciples of the very source of TaiJi. If you want to study authentic TaiJi what more could you ask for?
Brad on Apr 9, 2015
Definitely the best taiji I have ever had the pleasure of learning. This is true taiji and Mr. Cal is up there with the great teachers of our time. I look forward to starting back up with the class. He is personable, and very knowledgeable. This is traditional and authentic. It can be tailored to whatever the student is in need of. Mr. Cal is a rather amazing individual. Keep up the good work.
Gene on Apr 1, 2015
Denver Chen Village Taji class is amazing! Cal has the ability to teach to all levels of students and provides practical and meaningful instruction. Whether you are looking for a Taji martial focus or health emphasis, Cal tailors his teaching to your needs. He does not hold back his knowledge and is willing to teach you the complete Taji system, a rarity in the Taiji lineage. This class is well worth the visit. I hope to see you there!
Bradley on Mar 1, 2015

Grandmaster Chen XiaoXing Workshop Apr 2-5, 2015